1964 – The Golden Years Begin

  • Ken Kesey published Sometimes a Great Nation, formed the Merry Pranksters. The bus Further took them to New York for a Kesey book event. Neal, Ron Bevirt, Lee Quarnstrom, Stewart Brand, Ed McClanahan and others were on the trip.

  • Peter and Ron Bevirt opened the Hip Pocket Bookstore on September 13 in the St. George Hotel. The Ron Boise sign and two nude sculptures (covered by a sheet) were on hand. Norman Lezin, the mayor of Santa Cruz, had agreed to unveil the sculptures at the opening, which was busted by the police.

  • Later, Neal and Leon used to hang out and help out at the bookstore. Neal suggested the bookstore have free speech night every Friday. Leon started them o, speaking about marijuana.

  • Leon hears Eric “Big Daddy” Nord was opening the Loft, a cafe at a barn in Scotts Valley. Leon went there, met Cathy, they married.



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