Perfect Music

Below are a small collection of recordings of the 25th Century Ensemble, of what the founder Max Harstein called “Perfect Music”.  Perfect music was a group mind exploration, with minimal rules or training required.  Various invented and custom instruments were used that were made from recycled materials, such as the Space Base which was created out of a recycled metal fuel tank and other recycled materials.  The Space Base became a mainstay within the 25th Century Ensemble, and was also played at venues like The Barn in Scotts Valley and showcased to musical events in the SF Bay Area.  The Space Base was large instrument that could be played by up to four people simultaneously.

Max Hartstein’s 25th Century Ensemble presents Max on bass, Joe Lisinicchia (guitar), and Steve Bergdall (piano).  This series of five videos were recorded several years before Max’s death in 2011.

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