The Paradise Proclamation

A 25th Century Ensemble Production.

Recording provided by Fred McPherson.

Written and read aloud by Max Harstein in 1970, The Paradise Proclamation was a political-philosophical-spiritual statement centered on humanity’s choice between life and death.  At that time, the American public became aware that secret CIA-coordinated bombing campaigns were spreading to Laos and Cambodia, escalating the intensity of the protest movement back home.

The recording presented here was a labor of love, recorded by Max Harstein and friends.  It was repeatedly played on numerous radio stations throughout the Santa Cruz and SF Bay Area, published in the March 19, 1970 issue of the Free Spaghetti Dinner and performed live.

Almost a half century later on September 6, 2016, President Obama acknowledged the secret bombing campaigns during a speech in Laos.  Pledging financial support for identifying and removing unexploded ordnance, Obama’s speech fell short of an apology or an acknowledgement that widespread, covert bombing campaigns continue to this day.